Sunday, February 28, 2010

Updates and venting

I am starting this blogspot so that I can put everything in one place and those who dont have facebook can come on here and look at pics and postings of what is going on in the lives of Faith and Chris Holt :). So i wont be posting anymore "notes" on facebook. I will just post a link to here and if you want to read it (which you are here so I assume you do) you can. It also gives me a place to vent when I am in a bad mood or need to jot down some things running through my head. Its easier for me to comprehend information if I can see it in front of me. Right now I am so done with school. Im at that point where I feel like I am NEVER going to finish. I know what I want to EVENTUALLY do with my life and career its just the getting there that has sucked so bad. I am getting things accomplished though. Slowly, but they are getting done. I am going to egypt in April :) Chris and I are actually doing some traveling this year. We have already been to paris. Im wanting to go to Ireland and there is a week long field study class in scotland that is going to be leaving in may that I am dying to go on. Id like to go the the Czech Republic too. I hear Prague is nice.
I dont feel very good right now though. I think I have a really bad sinus infection. My ear is killing me and the nastiest colored stuff is coming out of places it should'nt. I have to go to work tomorrow and its that kind of sick that always feels worse in the morning and then gets better as the day goes by so I cant really call out :(. All well I need the money for EGYPT.
Chris is working 12 hours shifts right now for an exercise. I guess thats one reason why I feel the need to blog and the moment. I have noticed I tend to blog when i am alone. its my way of coping :) I spend alot of time in my head. Thats okay though, I like it in my head its my get away.
I am working on a 2500 word analytical report for my WRTG 393 class that is due on March 12 so if any of you are any good at writing analytical reports let me know and you can proof read mine. Its nothing special very straight forward and basic.

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