Thursday, April 22, 2010


Well we just have one week left before we head off to egypt and though I am soooooo excited about it I'm super stressed bc I havnt gotten anything I need for the trip. I need to buy some sunblock and some cute beach attire but I don't have the time. I should have taken off the day before we leave so I can get everything in line but oh well. I did my scuba class and it was soooooo much fun. The next time I put on my gear will be at the red sea :) I think I did really good for my first time scubaaing (is that even a word?) other than that chris and I went on a 30 mile bike ride this past weekend. That was a lot of fun too. We took gizzy and put her in a backpack when she got tired. I got burned but we got to eat at our favorite place in trier so it was worth it. Makin memories. I am going to try and post some new pics soon.

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