Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I cant sleep so I am going to have a word spewing :)
I still have not heard anything about the job that I applied for. I am going to go with the safe bet and say that I didnt get it so I applied for two more positions. At this point I really want to get into the system so that I can have a sound job when I get back to the states. It seems like I always have problems finding a job anywhere we go and THAT is stressful. I know that once I finish my degree things will get better it's just getting to that point that has been so bad. One of the jobs I applied for is at the Red Cross and the other is an office clerk for the Child Development Center. I guess we will see what happens :)
The next couple of weeks will be a little stressful around the Holt household. The base is undergoing a major inspection and so looooong hours are ahead, definitely for Chris and possibly for me too. We both are looking forward to the four-day weekend we get in July :). I think we are going to try to go to Berlin. I looked up tickets to fly and it would only cost us 56 euros. We have not seen Berlin yet and that is a definite must before we leave Germany. We would like to go to Egypt again but I dont know if money will allow for that to happen. I am hoping that a certain friend of mine will be able to make it out to see me before we leave here now that it is less than a year.
Speaking of less than a year. We are trying to figure out where we would like to go next. I want a warm sunny climate. Something like guam, florida or south carolina. I have been looking at the Charleston area and so far have liked what I see. If i get one of these jobs we may opt to stay overseas a little longer since we both will be making a good amount of money.
Well I guess thats all I have to stay. Thought I would write more than that. Peace.

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