Friday, June 18, 2010

And the verdict is...

Soo Chris and I have decided to stay in Germany for the extra year. I have already told the parentals and they are upset but they also understand why we are doing it. I really think this will be better for us both. It gives us more of an opportunity to do things that most people only dream of doing. I know that I will be fine wherever we go. Im a pretty adaptive kinda girl but I will say this, the only thing I am absolutely dreading about our extension is another winter here :( Missing family, I can fix because they are always a plane ride away but I am not related to Mother Earth and therefore I cannot convince her to keep winter at bay while I am here. Thats where we are right now. June 2012 is our new return date. Thanks everyone for your input on this. You all have helped me to feel better about the decision. Especially those of you who have been through this sorda thing before.


  1. So, I've been thinking...

    Point #1. While it totally sucks that I won't be seeing you (with the exception of the possible visit) for another year, you'd be stationed somewhere not at home if you were in the states anyway, so it really doesn't make THAT big of a difference... I mean, it does, but... you know what I mean. You still wouldn't be Home, even if you were "home." You'd be in, say, Charleston, not the AC. And even if you WERE at home-home, I'm moving to Louisville for school, so we STILL wouldn't see that much of each other.

    Point #2. We break cities. For the sake of major metropolitan areas all over the world, it's probably a good thing that we aren't together all the time. ;-)

    Point #3. You still have stops on the Grand Tour to make. London, Madrid, and St. Petersburg come to mind. You are already more well-traveled than I am... might as well go all out, right?

    Point #4 is the thing you were telling me about when we were chatting on FB. Yeah, baby!! ;-)

    Point #5. If I manage to make it to your side of the pond during the dreaded winter, WE CAN GO SKIING IN THE ALPS.

    So, you have my support in your decision. I love you, chickadee!!

  2. :) You are right the breaking of cities means more when it is done over spreads of time :)