Saturday, June 26, 2010

Changes...FAST Changes

Oooookay so as most of you already know I have landed a GS 5 position with the CDC. This I am very excited about. I will get to do what I love. I will be the lead teacher in a room (not sure of what age yet) and hopefully have a team of wonderful people to work with. I say hopefully because I dont have a clue as to who I am working with. I will be transferring from Spangdahlem to Bitburg. This is the part that makes me a little nervous. The other part thats kinda crazy is they want me to do all this by the 6th of July. I just received an email that I have to give my current supervisor my notice and fill out the paper work by the 29th of June so that i can in process by the 6th of July. CRAZY FAST considering most people I have talked to said that it took them about a month to get into the system. I am cool with all of it its just happening alot faster than i had anticipated. On top of all that I am nervous that my leave I got approved at Spangdahlem wont carry over to Bitburg. It is along time but we dont take leave that often and its for family sooooo it better get approved or I will be one angry person. Anywho we are grilling out right now and I am sunburnt after a long but fun day at the Lux Air Show in Bitburg.

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  1. You'll be closer to the vinegar shop!!!! You can have The Two Strawberry Thing every day. Yeah!!