Friday, June 18, 2010

Movein on...or not

Well as you know chris and I have about a year left here in Germany. Today Chris received his extension paper work which would allow us to stay here one year longer. Come let us weigh the pros and cons together

  • Finances
  • GS Job
  • Travels
  • We are in a central location to go ANYWHERE we want
  • Because of the financial positives we can save money so that we can buy a house
  • Easier to receive scholarship money
  • Finish degree (yes i can do that in the states but it is cheaper for me to do it here)

  • Gone from family
  • Gone from friends
  • Cold weather
As you can see the pros outweigh the cons logically. It just sucks to be away from family that long. Although, this gives family and friends a better opportunity to come for a visit to Germany!! *hint hint

Soooo anyway give me your opinions please :)


  1. Faith....If I were you I would extend. I know it is so hard being away from your family and friends but if you were to go back to the states you still wouldn't live at home...ya know what I mean? Plus the GS job is HUGE....and just financially it is smarter to stay over here right now. I vote for you to stay here for another year. Or go somewhere else overseas. Plus you are really good at your job at the CDC and you could really make an impact there over the next 2 years. I am sure that all of your friends and family in the states are going to totally disagree with me but there are just so many more opportunities if you stay here. :)

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  3. It might help if you give each pro and con a point value. For example, "Gone from Family" would be -5 points, but "Gov. Svcs. Job" might be +4 points.

    You could also roll "travels" and "central location to go anywhere" into the same bullet point.

    -Eric F.

  4. :) yeah Brandy you are most def. right about the GS job thing although Im not so sure about the CDC point :) but thanks!!!

    Eric I think you are making this faaaaar to complicated as usual but thanks for your input hehe

  5. Well Faith I totally get what you are saying about being so far away from family and friends. I try to look at it this way. Family and friends are forever.......this chance right here and right now is at a moments grasp. You have to catch it while you can. My husbands family is not happy that after this tour me and my husband decided we will stay overseas (remind you we have only be stationed overseas at the end of this tour 6 1/2 yrs overseas) but we have to do what's best for us. I cant base my decisions on others anymore. In the end you have to make the best decision for you and your husband. Even if that means going back to the states. Do whats best for you guys and your future! **Dominique M.